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November/December 2013
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INTRANETS: Enterprise Strategies and Solutions

     -- Edited by Theresa Cramer

INTRANETS newsletter covers the strategies, tips, and tools required to help organizations develop, deploy, and manage intranets, extranets, portals, and other knowledge and information management initiatives.

We recognize that the role of managing intranets cannot be limited to a single job title, so INTRANETS is written in a lively and accessible style for the broad range of professionals called upon today to participate in successful intranet deployments--from decision-making executives, department managers, and information professionals to content engineers, CIOs, and IT and Web professionals.

If all or part of your job is working on an intranet, then INTRANETS is required reading for doing that job well.

Each issue of INTRANETS includes:

  • Feature Articles offering case studies and other in-depth analysis of intranet, extranet, portal, or other KM initiatives, strategies, and tools
  • News and Tools to help you get the job done
  • Columns written by a worldwide group of consultants who offer hands-on insight
  • Recommended Reading a loook at digital and print resources of help to intranet and KM professionals.

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Intranets: Enterprise Strategies & Solutions includes feature articles covering the issues and trends intranet professionals must be aware of in order to maximize their resources. In particular, the publication provides case studies of effective solutions at work, with specific focus on objectives, processes, and outcomes. Another distinctive feature of this highly targeted publication is its regular column series, which features thought leadership from the industry's leading consultants who deliver hands on experience from organizations of all types, worldwide.

Featured Contributors include:

Seth Earley, President & CEO of Earley and Associates

Jane McConnell, Founder of NetStrategy/JMC

James Robertson, Managing Director, Step Two Designs

Lisa Welchman, Founding Partner, WelchmanPierpoint

Martin White, Managing Director of Intranet Focus