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Interact Intranet Version 5
Posted Jan 31, 2012 Print Version  
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Interact, a supplier of intranet software, announces the release of Interact Intranet version 5 - the next level of intelligent intranet software featuring social collaboration tools that will transform the way organizations operate.

This latest update to Interact Intranet is aimed at resolving the daily difficulties Intranet Managers continually encounter including:

·         Eliminating the huge burden of constructing an intranet homepage that will appeal to everyone in their organisation

·         Making sure that nobody overlooks essential information or the tools available on company intranets

·         Being confident that everybody in their company is keeping their personal profile pages up to date, without the need for constant reminders

Interact Intranet version 5 has an improved intelligence store, which is the brain of the intranet and the core around which all content promotion is built. It has had a remodelled algorithm that helps content to find people more intuitively.

Print Version  
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