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The next revolution in e-discovery technology-a process called predictive coding-is already here. But how soon, how widely, and with what restrictions it will ultimately come to be used remain open questions. Any new technology that challenges the old order can initially be met with resistance, but in the field of litigation, where millions of dollars and the letter of the law may be at stake, the process of adopting a new technology is even more cautious and deliberate. While predictive coding offers the promise of quicker, cheaper e-discovery-and there are already plenty of vendors touting it as the new industry standard-it has yet to overcome a few obstacles that stand in its way.
Editorial/Features By Mike Lopresti - JanuaryFebruary 2013 Issue,
Social media has helped the worldwide community of intranet professionals to grow and develop, with online networking and knowledge sharing fueling a boom in conferences and meet-ups for those managing intranets. But it's surprising that little of this networking seems to emerge from the U.S. The best-known intranet bloggers and tweeters are almost all based in Europe or Australasia (with the exception of some key individuals and organizations in Canada), as are all the high-profile networks and thought leaders.
Editorial/Features JanuaryFebruary 2013 Issue,

Intranet solutions that delight users require the right information architecture (IA): taxonomy, metadata, and navigation design. They also depend on integrating the IA into tagging, search, application development, and a governance framework. With lots of moving parts to an intranet solution, senior managers often seek consulting assistance. Some seek to fill technical skill gaps in their organizations, while others look for a partner that can lead them through a comprehensive approach.
Editorial/Columns By Seth Earley - JanuaryFebruary 2013 Issue,
Long ago, the CEO of my company posted an article about sustainability on the intranet. I read it three times but did not understand it at all. Although English was the intercompany language, most employees were not exactly fluent in English, and many did not have or want to speak it during their daily work.The article had been written by a native speaker. He was new to the company and had been hired partly because he had a large experience in writing intranet news articles ... for American audiences. He and hiscolleagues had never realized that his texts were too difficult for a worldwide audience in a manufacturing organization.
Editorial/Columns By Ellen Van Aken - JanuaryFebruary 2013 Issue,

Enterprise Search;Making Collaboration Technology Work for the Enterprise; Making Cross-Enterprise Collaboration Work
Editorial/Read_Me_File By Martin White - JanuaryFebruary 2013 Issue,