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"Bring your own device" (BYOD) first appeared on the business scene in 2009 but only reached true traction within organizations in 2011. Simply put, BYOD, also known as "Bring your own technology" (BYOT), "Bring your own phone" (BYOP), and "Bring your own PC" (BYOPC), is when employees focus on adopting new, consumer-focused technologies and use their own devices to enhance their productivity at work. By having one device for both personal and work use, workers are consolidating their tools, but that often means they are operating outside of their organization's secure infrastructure. This has repercussions for intranets and their managers.
Editorial/Features By Dana Leeson - March/April 2013 Issue,
Information governance (IG) was much simpler when information existed in paper form. Important documents were classified as records and sent to a central location to be filed and stored. That central information store was the go-to source for information when litigation or regulatory requests arose. There was a certain comfort in having that central control over information. Today, however, times have changed, and that comfort level has been destroyed.
Editorial/Features By Barry Murphy - March/April 2013 Issue,

To who in your organization really has their finger on the pulse? Is it the CEO, the chief operating officer, or that proverbial, all-knowing guy manning your HQ's reception desk? While preparing a pitch a few weeks back, I asked myself this question, and I came to a conclusion that seemed so obvious, it left me wondering why I hadn't reached it before.At a recent conference, someone spoke about having played a key role in the launch of an internal brand survey. So who was the person doing the presentation who had been involved in this important piece of work? The CEO, COO, or receptionist? No-you guessed it--it was the intranet manager.
Editorial/Columns By Mike Chapman - March/April 2013 Issue,
Outside the temperature was minus 9 degrees Celsius, but inside the headquarters of the main Swedish railway company, the room was warm and so was the welcome from other members of the J. Boye intranet experts group. This is just one of the 58 groups run by J. Boye, a small but flourishing Danish company set up 10 years ago by Janus Boye. The J. Boye groups are not the only such initiative in the intranet space. Another Danish company, IntraTeam, also offers a range of groups, and, of course, this is the foundation of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum.
Editorial/Columns By Martin White - March/April 2013 Issue,

Intranet Design Annual 2013; Intranet Usability Guidelines -- 3rd Edition
Editorial/Read_Me_File By Martin White - March/April 2013 Issue,