In the current business setting, it is critical to have effective communication channels both internally with staffs and externally with clients and other trading partners. Intranet makes it possible for the employees to communicate effectively, share information, and collaborate at work. Extranet on the other hand makes it possible for you to cooperate and communicate properly with the business agents, partners, and other third party persons. An extranet plays a pivotal role in strengthening business relations and enhancing supply chain management.


Intranet: What is it?

Ideally speaking, intranet is synonymous with a private website of a business. An intranet is a private network for a business that operates in a similar manner to the internet since firewall secures it from probable hackers and illegitimate users. Staff can deliver on their mandate from a location of their choice so long as they can access a web browser. Any staff can access intranet in an easy and secure manner. Small companies can therefore engage staffs and have them work from any location, even at home, thus reducing office control overheads.

Web offices or online intranet office

There are other intranet types that have the ability of amalgamating some common features of intranets making them same as the ones in Microsoft Office. Such intranets are the web or online offices. If you can create an online office, then you should be able to organize, share, and manage information through the use of a renowned web browser that can be accessed by anyone across the world.

Components those are common for intranet

Intranets can be used to hold more data than the policies and information of a company. Intranet can hold administrative information such as procedure manuals, calendars, bookings for meeting rooms, membership of welfare committees and groups, and standard operating procedures. Intranet can also hold corporate information such as vision and mission statements, business plan, templates of documents, staff newsletters, and lists of customers/clients. The annual reports and the overall performance of an organization can also be accessed via intranet. Moreover, human resources department stores its information in the intranet. Such information includes employee appraisals, annual leave requests and their templates, and new vacancies in the organization. Intranet makes it possible to work effectively without wasting too much time.


Extranet: what is it?

There is a very thin line that separates intranet and extranet. The disparity between the two is that external partners such as agents, key clients, business associates, and suppliers can access the company information. It is on the extranet platform that information is shared and exchanged. Extranet is also a critical technology that enables staffs to work from a remote place. The users of extranet are protected from information hackers and other cyber crime actions that they might be exposed to. Extranet makes it possible to work in a flexible manner so as to meet the varying demands of various clients. It also helps businesses to connect with trading partners in an easy manner as well as accessing information anytime.

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