It is common occurrences to have people confuse internet and intranet. Even though the two are related, they are different. To put it in simple facts, internet is the renowned World Wide Web, and intranet on the other hand is a company’s private internet that a company uses in its operation. The two make use of TCP & IP modus operandi as well as features such as e-mail. However, a striking difference between internet and intranet is that intranet users can access the internet, but the users of internet across the globe cannot access intranet unless they have access. This inhibition has been enabled by protective measures such as firewalls. Moreover, intranet can be operated without necessarily accessing the web as long as the controllers of the intranet do not need any information accessed from the internet.

Corporate data management system (DMS) and document management system concept. Businessman click (or publish) on document connected with corporate users with access rights.

There was hogwash criticism by doubting Thomas concerning the invention of intranet. It was said that intranet was an unnecessary procession of technological fashions and catchphrases. This narrative was soon reversed when business owners saw the importance of having intranet. A business may require setting up intranet for a variety of reasons. Intranet has broad bandwidths that make it possible to have speedy communication as opposed to the internet. Intranet has clandestine interior networks, e.g. LAN, that provides security in form of firewalls and areas that are protected by passwords. Intranet makes it possible to control businesses in an easy manner as well as taking charge of the staffs. Moreover, users of intranet are assured of versatility, increased productivity, less paperwork, and enhanced flexibility. These and other factors that endear businesses to intranet are coiled in the attractive bottom line that businesses always look for: increase in profits and reduction of production cost.

Intranet can be applied in various ways. Inter-office email is the predominant one. This enables the staffs of an organization or business entity to communicate fast and in an easy manner. In case it is possible to access internet from intranet within the company, then the employees may as well take advantage of this and access email through internet. In case intranet is run without e-mail, then the organization can purchase and install special packages of email to enable fast and efficient communication.


Intranet can be applied in many other areas within a business entity. Corporate documents can be published on the web through the use of intranet. Moreover, web forms and other vital links can be shared through intranet. Other information that can be shared through the intranet is price lists, job postings, maps, customer data, company reports, and other important announcements that a company may wish to communicate to its staffs.

Almost every company has some forms to deal with. This is another headache that most companies grapple with. Intranet comes in handy by enabling the creation of online forms that can be filled in soft copy. The forms may as well be printed by the people using them and this would reduce the time taken to distribute the forms physically. Intranet is a worthwhile invention.

Hi! We are flourishing in an Internet era. We all are acquainted with the importance of the internet in our lives. For most of us, our lives are dependent on our internet connections. Whether it is a workplace or home, imagining life without internet connection immediately

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