A human resource manager has his/her work clearly cut out. Some of the work involves sharing updated information with the staffs, ensuring that transactions in HR are correctly done, and working to oversee a cohesive culture of the company. All these functions are backed by an intranet that functions well. This article focuses on how the HR can and should use the intranet of the organization.

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Disseminating information

The most rational and centrally located place to have the HR documents is the intranet. Any changes can be effected by updating the previous version to the latest version. This helps to reduce any ensuing confusion. Some of the documents that can be saved on the intranet are leave information for staffs, compensation info and job descriptions, standard operating procedures, and employee benefits. Any news that relate to the HR are properly relayed via the intranet. Some of these are new staffs, any holidays, job vacancies, and changes in the operating procedures. A HR calendar can be viewed to see any upcoming training and other important dates for the organization. By having information shared on the intranet, the number of queries to the HR will effectively reduce, hence giving the HR staff some time to focus on other tasks.

Collection of critical employee information

The intranet can be sued by the HR to collect any information needed in an urgent manner. For instance, the database of the employees can be saved on the intranet and employees can always visit the database and update any changes on their personal information. Moreover, an e-form can be created by the HR to assess the training needs of the staff, and this is instrumental for the HR to plan for other activities.

Transactions for the HR

The HR staff may endeavor to create some e-forms for any transaction that they have. For instance, enrollment for various benefits and booking for some certain resource can be completed on the intranet. Since it is possible to access the intranet from any browser even on mobile devices, approvals can be completed even without having the officers approving physically in the office.



HR can plan, schedule, and deliver training from the intranet. Some of the tools that support effective training such as videos, power point slides, photos, and texts can be shared on the intranet as well. Staffs can find the training materials and read them prior to a physical training making it easy to train and deliver.

Gathering feedback

It is rather easy for the HR to gather data for any feedback that is needed through the use of the intranet. Apart from gathering the questions that staffs have, the HR staffs can easily gather the feedback of staffs on the content of various documents and other operating procedures. Further, the HR can carry out staff survey on the intranet and use this information to make informed decisions with regards to an outstanding matter. Moreover, the feedback given by the staffs can help the HR to gauge the emotional level of the staffs.

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