My Story

Hi! We are flourishing in an Internet era. We all are acquainted with the importance of the internet in our lives.

For most of us, our lives are dependent on our internet connections. Whether it is a workplace or home, imagining life without internet connection immediately send us to the stone age.

Having said that, I am not here to talk about the internet, I am here to delineate the importance of intranet that is often obfuscated with the Internet. Let us first understand what intranet is?

In simple terms, an intranet is a privatized internet connection used in the organizations. An organization’s staff has access to it. It shares similarities with the internet such as the usage of TCP/IP protocol and features such as e-mails.

The major difference lies in the accessibility. Intranet users can access the internet or the World Wide Web but it is not the other way around. If an individual does not have the access he cannot get past computer firewall. This is where the intranet plays its part which is keeping an organization’s data safe and secure.

Initially shunned by the organizations for being too fussy and complicated, intranet soon made its mark in the field of internet security.

There are many useful applications of the intranet that are facilitating to carrying out day-to-day organization’s operations.

An interoffice mailing system is highly required by the staff to communicate and coordinate with each other. There is also a facility by installing special email software for using the emails without any  internet connection. So, if your internet connection is not working, the whole organization will remain connected. Users can also benefit from classified web publishing.

The classified information pertaining to job listings, enrollment of employees, competitor’s products, corporate documents, web-to-database links and much more can be web-published without compromising the security. Apart from this, having a procedure manual, company policy and forms online will save a lot of time and efforts that need to be in paper handling.

It also helps the organization to keep a track of his own employees, how much time they are spending on what task or roving about which website. In other words, it acts as an internal web traffic monitor. A part of an intranet can be used as the extranet by allowing selective accessibility to customers and clients. In this manner, the organization can send private messages encrypted on a public network.

On our website, you will find everything that you need to know about intranet. We are thriving on a quest to make intranet available for each and every workplace. All the information pertaining to the intranet, its software, its usability, the advantages, the user manuals, and much more can be availed here.

We aim to traverse barriers in a workplace and allow it to use an easy -to-use and fun intranet facility for better collaboration and coordination. We want to display a plethora of information about intranet so that each and every employee in an organization can get their work done without much hassle.