Enterprise Information Inefficiency: No Sector Has Found a Definitive Solution

Information is at the heart of what most enterprises do. For some, it is the product and lifeblood; for others, it lubricates all aspects of the operation. The fact is that, in one form or another, information management is vital for virtually any organization, particularly as tough economic conditions prevail. And the more efficiently enterprise content is controlled and accessed, the more effective organizations’ operations become. After all, we all operate in an information economy these days.

Editorial/Features By Jeremy Bentley – September/October 2012 Issue, Posted 01 Sep 2012
WGBH’s ‘InnerTube’ Intranet Stays Afloat

When the Boston-based nonprofit media organization WGBH approached the technology consultants at Miller Systems about revamping the organization’s outdated intranet-called InnerTube-Miller Systems’ founder and CEO Seth Miller was ready for the challenge.The project “cements our position as a trusted strategic advisor and partner for clients-in any industry-seeking improved knowledge management and business process solutions,” he said at the time. Redesigning WGBH’s InnerTube would be one of the more challenging projects that Miller Systems had worked on in its nearly 20-year history.
Editorial/Features By Mike Lopresti – September/October 2012 Issue, Posted 01 Sep 2012Columns

Search and Content Integration
Typical requirements for today’s corporate intranet include “one-stop shopping” for information; the ability to capture and organize corporate knowledge and expertise; tools to connect people to systems, applications, and other people; collaborative workspaces; enterprise systems integration; a dashboard for key performance indicators; and customization.
Editorial/Columns By Seth Earley – September/October 2012 Issue, Posted 01 Sep 2012
What Should a Social Intranet Look Like?
There’s a social network for just about everyone and everything-and that may include your company’s intranet. But if you haven’t seen an example of a social intranet, it can be hard to picture. Are people just wasting time posting status updates and pictures of the cafeteria food? Or are users being bombarded with boring updates about which document was recently edited? It’s hard for the average person to wrap his mind around.
Editorial/Columns By Theresa Cramer – September/October 2012 Issue, Posted 01 Sep 2012


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