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  • How Fuck Buddies App Is Keeping Its Users Secure

    While some online dating apps have gained a bad reputation for security, one app is taking measures to keep its users safe and set itself apart. Fuck Buddies App, a popular hookup site has developed many new features for privacy and security, and worked to keep its servers more secure. While there are a handful […]

  • How The Ashley Madison Security Breach Happened

    In July 2015, a group billed as the Impact Team user data from Ashley Madison, a commercial website that allegedly facilitated extramarital affairs and casual fucks, stole. Between August 18 and 20 the group stole personal information about the page’s user base. The group copied the data and threatened to give user names and identifying […]

  • Firewalls Complete – What’s an internet/intranet firewall?

    Firewalls Complete – What’s an internet/intranet firewall?

    There is a certain part in car that is found in between the passenger compartment and the engine. A firewall is the name of this part. The passengers are protected by the firewall from any clash or explosion that the car might suffer from. Computer networks also have a firewall. The purpose of the firewall […]

  • Articles Index

    Articles Index

    Read_Me_File…Print and Digital Reviews Digital Workplace Trends 2012; Intranet Design: Annual 2012 Year’s 10 Best Intranets Editorial/Read_Me_File By Martin White – March/April 2012 Issue, Posted 01 Mar 2012 Read_Me_File…Print and Digital Reviews The Social Organization; The Digital Workplace: Redefining Productivity in the Information Age Editorial/Read_Me_File By Martin White – January/February 2012 Issue, Posted 01 Jan […]

  • Worst Data Security Breaches Of The 21st Century

    Worst Data Security Breaches Of The 21st Century

    Security breaches as far as data is concerned to happen almost every day and it is hard to keep counting as they occur. It is good to ask what are the attributes of a small data breach and what does a big data breach looks like. This article will take into consideration some of the […]


    Enterprise Information Inefficiency: No Sector Has Found a Definitive Solution Information is at the heart of what most enterprises do. For some, it is the product and lifeblood; for others, it lubricates all aspects of the operation. The fact is that, in one form or another, information management is vital for virtually any organization, particularly […]

  • Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Extranet

    Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Extranet

    You can make your business successful in a number of ways. However, in case your company is in dire need to disseminate information to peripheral partners and clients, you should ask yourself whether the working practices that you are using are easy, effective, and as professional as possible. In the digital era, several ways are […]

  • HyperOffice introduces HyperShare for Outlook

    HyperOffice introduces HyperShare for Outlook

    HyperOffice has introduced HyperShare for Outlook, software tools designed to help for business owners, employees, clients, partners and suppliers to work together as a team, plan projects, share and edit documents, schedule meetings, and stay connected via email. Built into HyperOffice at no added cost, HyperShare extends the power of Outlook and operates as an […]

  • About Marydee Ojala

    Profile of an Award-Winning Intranet: London Business Support Network Knowledge Centre ost people quietly going about their business creating intranets and/or extranets aren’t in it for the glory. They don’t expect to win awards or gain international recognition for their work. The very nature of intranets makes outside scrutiny—much less praise—unlikely. In spite of this, […]

  • The Biggest Data Breaches In 2016 So Far

    The Biggest Data Breaches In 2016 So Far

    The year 2015 witnessed some of the largest breaches of data ever seen. Companies have rolled up their sleeves so as to engage with the hackers and those who commit cybercrimes. This is in efforts to try and reduce the ever-increasing cases of a data breach across the globe. Be that as it may, it […]